Taylor Smith Naval Services (Seychelles)
Taylor Smith Naval Services (Seychelles)

The Taylor Smith Naval Services is one of the leading marine service providers in Seychelles.

Our Shipyard in Seychelles offers a One-Stop, Full Service solution for boats and yachts in Seychelles and offers plenty of room for long-term storage as well as repairs to fiberglass, mechanical, engine, stainless steel among others. For over 20 years, the company has been a staple in the country's yachting, boating and shipping industry, providing expert and quality onsite services to a booming sector complementing its mooring and docking facilities.

Rajen NaiduGeneral Manager
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Products and Services

  • Haul out & lift and launch services
  • Mooring and boat storage
  • On-site marine electrician
  • Refueling & fuel optimisation
  • Fiberglass works
  • Marine Paint & Anti-fouling
  • Travel quay & slipway
  • Marine supply store
  • Marine mechanical repairs and maintenance
  • Stainless steel works
  • Secure storage units
  • Turnkey solutions
  • Upholstery

Taylor Smith Naval Services (Seychelles)
m2 boatyard space
years’ experience
Tons Marine Travel Lift

Taylor Smith Naval Services (Seychelles)

Wanetta Avenue,
Providence Industrial Estate,
Mahé, Seychelles
T: (248) 4384747
M: (248) 2819647
E: gms.admin@gondwana.sc

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