Raw IT Services
Raw IT Services

All progress takes place outside the comfort zone

Raw IT Services Ltd, member of the Taylor Smith Group, is a customer-oriented company who operates within the Group and provides external services to organisations. The company is composed of a qualified, professional and motivated team, trained to acquire leadership skills, take initiatives and work both independently and within a team. Our services aim to provide smart problem-solving solutions to any difficulties encountered by an organisation.

Our passion for improvement lies in satisfying our customers and ‘updating’ them to the latest technology. Likewise, our service objective is to provide a constant companionship to our clients, to create trust and a long-lasting customer loyalty.

Our organisation revolves around our main core values which are: Respect, Empower & Innovate. Thus, positioning itself as a modern company constantly adapting to change and in delivering quality services to the market.

Denis MourghenGeneral Manager
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Services, Consultancy & Implementation

  • IT Support
  • Infrastructure Consultancy
  • Networking & Security
  • Retail Sales Hardware & Software
  • Compliance & Audit
  • Data Protection
  • ERP System Consultancy
  • Process Management 

Raw IT Services
February 2019 incorporated
Core Departments

Raw IT Services Ltd

Taylor Smith House.
Old Quay D Road.
Port-Louis, Mauritius
T: (230) 206 3266
E: sales@rawit.mu

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