Associate Companies

  • Drymix

    More than a leading manufacturer, Dry Mixed Products Ltd is the regionwide pioneer in the production of ready-to-use pre-packed mortar in the Indian Ocean islands. The company has developed a wide range of locally designed and manufactured products to meet the quality and cost-effectiveness required in the construction industry.

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  • Hospitality Plus
    Hospitality Plus

    Hospitality Plus is a growing player in the offering of professional, creative and reliable digital solutions to the hospitality industry. With services ranging from online reservation and bookings, web development, e-marketing, among others, Hospitality Plus has a strong presence in the Indian Ocean region as well as in the South East African countries.

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  • Mediterranean Shipping Company (Mauritius)
    Mediterranean Shipping Company (Mauritius)

    With over 45 years of experience in global trade and transport operations, the Mediterranean Shipping Company dominates the container traffic segment in the Indian Ocean region. Its professionalism, mastery and global network inspire trust and confidence in all aspects of its services and solutions.

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  • Sandyland
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