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Colin Taylor

Thank you for taking an interest in our Group.

We are a privately-owned family business based in Mauritius with some activities in the Seychelles and Rodrigues. While, the founding of our more traditional businesses dates back to my great grandfathers’ time over 100 years ago, we create new companies every year as opportunities arise. Our website gives you a comprehensive insight of the strength of our diversity and growth over time.

I often get asked the question, what is your core business, the answer is….we don’t have one!

All our businesses are either No 1 or No 2 in their industry, and are led by competent independent management reporting to a board. The common link between the companies is that the equity is held by Taylor Smith Investment Ltd. To an extent, our business model is one where we consider ourselves to be a type of long term private equity player, whose focus is driven by investing in innovative and sustainable businesses that can grow to become leaders in their sector of activity.

Our values of Respect, Empowerment and Innovation are core to the way we run our businesses. We truly believe that our people drive of our success, and it is only through them that we can achieve our goals. Our ambition is to be recognized as one of the preferred organizations to work for in Mauritius and be in a position to attract the high potential Talent, and provide them with the opportunity to grow with us.

We believe that our growth will also come through partnerships, we seek to partner with people and organisations with whom we share common values.

Taylor Smith Investment is always on the lookout for new opportunities and I will be pleased to hear from you whether you are a large multinational looking for a local partner in Mauritius or an entrepreneur with drive, energy and a good idea.

Look forward to hearing from you.



Email : colin.taylor@taylorsmith.mu    

Colin Taylor

A team of professionals setting the direction and moving ahead.

  • Dominique Vaudin
    Dominique Vaudin
    Corporate Affairs Director
    Dominique Vaudin
    Dominique Vaudin
    Corporate Affairs Director

    I am truly privileged to be part of the Taylor Smith Group, a company that exemplifies the values of innovation, respect, and empowerment. At Taylor Smith, we stand for more than just excellence in our services and products; we stand for integrity, authenticity, and a deep-rooted passion for what we do. Our commitment to our customers, employees, and communities is unwavering, and this is what sets us apart. The dedication of our team and the vision of our leadership have allowed us to adapt to changing times and thrive. Our enduring success is a testament to the values passed down through generations, combined with the innovative spirit that drives us forward. I am proud to be a part of this legacy, and I look forward to many more years of working together.

  • Gaetan Ah Kang
    Gaetan Ah Kang
    Group Finance Director
    Gaetan Ah Kang
    Gaetan Ah Kang
    Group Finance Director

    I am proud to be part of this team of people, where we are committed to living the Group’s values in our everyday lives- respecting, empowering our people and encouraging innovation, ideas, and doing things differently. The value of people is expressed in investing in them through the environment in which they work, in learning and development, and being proactive to stretch themselves to become the best they can be. We want the Taylor Smith journey to be a memorable and meaningful one for everyone we work with.

    “I've learnt that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." - Maya Angelou

  • Nicolas Raffray
    Nicolas Raffray
    IT & Property Director
    Nicolas Raffray
    Nicolas Raffray
    IT & Property Director

    At Taylor Smith Group we do walk the talk by living our values, every day is made of new challenges and it’s really by being innovative, open-minded and trustworthy towards our people through empowerment and delegation that we can together reach success. Growing young individuals towards career development is my leitmotiv and while I strive to keep a good balance between my work and my family, very often the difference is slim.

  • Jean-Cyril Jullienne
    Jean-Cyril Jullienne
    Group Human Resources Director
    Jean-Cyril Jullienne
    Jean-Cyril Jullienne
    Group Human Resources Director

    I recently joined the Taylor Smith Group, and I can confidently say that the company’s commitment to fostering a positive work environment is exceptional.

    Taylor Smith Group is not just a workplace; it's a supportive community that respects diversity, empowers its employees, and constantly innovates to stay ahead in a dynamic market.

    I'm excited and proud to be part of an organization that places such a strong emphasis on its people, and I look forward to contributing to the continued success of the Group as we live out these values in our daily work.

11 Billion
Turnover 2022
Dedicated Employees
28Jul 2004
Associate Companies
  • Early days
    • 1865

      James Smith (1839-1910) arrived in Mauritius from Scotland. He was a shipmaster and a ship chandler, he settled in Mauritius where he found there was plenty of work on ships calling for stores and those damaged by cyclones.

    • 1868

      James Smith, David Black (1842-1878) and John Black (1846-1879) established a ship repair yard. The Black & Smith partnership was born

    • 1873

      Black & Smith buy LAND in the Caudan area for the development of a marine yard.

    • 1878-79

      David and John Black died of malaria, the partnership is restructured.

    • 1879

      Alexander Taylor (1855-1929), ship's officer and marine carpenter arrived in Mauritius. He joined Black & Smith.

    • 1891

      A portion of land on Tonnelier Island was leased and Black & Smith's main workshops were transferred from the Caudan.

    • 1892

      The premises and workshops were devastated by a cyclone. these were rebuilt on a plot of land North of Quay D.

      After the disaster of 1892, the shareholders of Black & Smith were James Smith, Captain Richie and Alexander Taylor.

      James Smith retired in 1898 and Captain Richie in 1902. James Smith's two sons: George and Jack, together with Douglas Pearmain, joined the company.

  • Birth of Taylor Smith Group
    • 1908

      The Black & Smith partnership was officially terminated and renamed Taylor Smith. The four founders were George Smith (1872-1958), Alexander Taylor (1855-1929), Douglas Pearmain (1880-1945) and Jack Smith (1876-1946).

      The group specialized in 4 branches:

      • Taylor Smith & Company, operating as shipwrights
      • Taylor Smith, specialized in stevedoring
      • Port Louis Water Supply Company, supplying fresh water to vessels in the harbour
      • Pearmain & Co Electrical Work
    • 1914

      Taylor Smith became the managers of the Stevenson Dry Dock.

    • 1929

      After the death of Alexander Taylor, the management was shared between his 3 sons: George Taylor managed the marine Yard. Percy Taylor managed the stevedoring and Duncan Taylor managed the accounting department with George Smith.

  • New ventures
    • 1930s

      In the 1930's Taylor Smith participated with Rogers & Co and others in the formation of The Colonial Steamship Company.

    • 1945

      After World War 2, George Taylor, Duncan Taylor, Percy Taylor and George Smith are still involved in the the management of the Taylor Smith Group. They are joined by the new generation: Dennis Taylor (engineer), Ian Smith (accountant), and James Smith (engineer) they participated in the management.

    • 1952

      In 1952 Taylor Smith participated in the formation of the Mauritius Hotels Group again with Rogers & Co.

    • 1961

      Derek Taylor, eldest son of Percy Taylor joined the stevedoring section of the business, after having served for 10 years in the merchant navy and obtained a masters certificate.

  • Taylor Smith & Rogers Group
    • 1972

      TAylor Smith Group becomes a shareholder in Rogers & Co. Dennis Taylor and Ian Smith appointed as directors of Rogers.

    • 1973

      Tim Taylor returns to Mauritius and joined Rogers & co as economist.

    • 1980s

      With the retirement of the old generation, the structure of Taylor Smith and the Rogers Group inevitably changed.

    • 1982

      George Coombes took over the Management of Taylor Smith & Co.

    • 1983

      The stevedoring companies were nationalized and the cargo handling corporation took over all cargo operations.

    • 1984

      Derek Taylor became Chief executive of the Rogers Group. Tim Taylor a divisional director together with George Coombes.

      Captain Yves Betuel took over the management of Taylor Smith & Co. 

    • 1987

      After his studies in England, qualifying as an engineer and obtaining an MSC in management, Colin Taylor joined the Rogers Group.

    • 1992

      After his studies in hotel management an MBA and work experience in London, Philip Taylor joined the Rogers Group.

    • 1995

      When Captain Yves Betuel retired from Taylor Smith & Co. Ltd, Colin Taylor took over as Managing Director.

    • 1999

      Derek Taylor retires as CEO and becomes chairman of the Rogers Group until 2001.

      Tim Taylor becomes CEO of the Rogers Group, he was subsequently chairman between 2004 and 2012.

    • 2004

      Taylor Smith Investment Ltd with Colin Taylor as the CEO is incorporated.

    • 2007

      Dominique Vaudin born Taylor obtained in Accounting with French, followed by a Maitrise AES. Later qualified as an ACMA with CIMA in the UK.

      After work experience in London and Mauritius, she joined Taylor Smith as a director and presently manages one of the subsidiaries.

    • 2008

      Ann Vallet born Taylor, obtained a Cordon Bleu Diploma and B. Tech in Travel and Tourism in London. 

      After work experience in UK, Europe and Mauritius, she joined Taylor Smith as a Director and is presently Chair Person of the Foundation.

    • 2012

      The Rogers group was restructured with the floatation of Cim Financial Services Ltd on the Mauritius stock exchange. Following this, the Taylor Smith Group acquired a majority stake in Cim Financial Services Ltd and disposed of all its Rogers & Co-Shares.

  • The New Taylor Smith Group
    • 2016

      The Taylor Smith Group is now mage up as follows: Elgin Ltd, Kinsgton Asset Management Ltd, Taylor Smith Investment Ltd and Tss Ltd.