Lochiel Property Services
Lochiel Property Services

Member of the Taylor Smith Group and affiliated to the South African Facilities Management Association (SAFMA), Lochiel offers several services including Property Management, Facility Management and Project Management. 

At Lochiel, we value your facilities and equipment. We bring optimal value to your assets. We see your property as a patient and we are the doctor; we will provide you the painkillers, we will treat your issues and keep your facility fit and healthy.

Nicolas RaffrayExecutive Director Property and IS
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Products and Services

In terms of property management, Lochiel effectively carries out the overall management of lands and buildings for tenants, from income collection, to budget preparation to general maintenance works.

The company also assures facility management so that tenants are provided with high quality services through cost-effective solutions. Continuous innovation is as well proposed for project management from conception to delivery.

We help you enhance your brand through your properties.

Lochiel Property Services
600 000
ft2 Rentable Space managed
acres Hunting Ground & Bare Land managed
dedicated employees

Lochiel Property Services

Taylor Smith House
Old Quay D Road
T: (230) 206 3333
F: (230) 240 2884
E: lochiel@lochiel.mu

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