Bourbon Vanilla
Bourbon Vanilla

Bourbon Vanilla Ltd has been in operation since 2007.  It specializes in the packaging and export of vanilla under all its forms; pods, powder, paste, extract etc. It caters for the retail as well as the industrial and food market. The company also proposes a small range of authentic Mauritian products to local and international customers.

Bourbon Vanilla Ltd has strict food safety and quality systems in place. It strives to offer the best quality to its customers locally and worldwide.

Mr. Nicolas de LapeyreGeneral Manager
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Products and Services

Bourbon Vanilla specializes in the retail packaging for the private label industry. Locally it sells its products under its own brand, Vaynilla.
Its range of products run from vanilla pods, vanilla powder, vanilla flavored sugar, vanilla flavored honey to the local ‘Fleur de Sel’ sea salt.

Bourbon Vanilla
latest news
  • 13 Dec 2018
    Nouveau produit chez Bourbon Vaynilla

    Bourbon Vaynilla revient avec de nouveaux produits pour raviver nos papilles et nous propose une nouvelle sélection de fruits secs tels que la papaye,…

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    Nouveau produit chez Bourbon Vaynilla
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Bourbon Vanilla

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