Taylor Smith Bunkering
Taylor Smith Bunkering

Taylor Smith Bunkering owns two fuel barges “ELISE” which has a capacity of 800 Tons and "SARAH" which has a capacity of 2300 Tons, offering bunkering services in the port. 

These new facilities complement the group’s existing road logistics transportation services. Taylor Smith Bunkering aims to be the reference in Mauritius for physical distribution of petroleum products.

Robert DesvauxManaging Director
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Products and Services

Taylor Smith Bunkering offers storage of 180 CST. The company possesses and provides pipeline facilities to Quays A & D, as well as barging facilities within port area for marine gas oil and fuel oil. Taylor Smith Bunkering also owns gantry facilities to load road tankers and carries out small onshore delivery around the island.

Taylor Smith Bunkering
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Taylor Smith Bunkering Ltd

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Port Louis
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